Sell my iPad 9

Do you have an iPad 9th generation sat in your drawer? Or do you want some cash for your iPad 9? Well, when you trade in your tablet with WeBuyTek, you can receive an easy, efficient, and simple service and receive same day payment! What could be better! How much can I sell my iPad … Continue reading “Sell my iPad 9”

Sell my iPhone 12

The trade in iPhone 12 price depends on a few factors, including: How much can I sell my iPhone 12 for? As of today (3/5/24), when you sell your iPhone 12 with us at WeBuyTek you can expect the following prices: My iPhone 12 is broken, can I still sell it? Yes, you can still … Continue reading “Sell my iPhone 12”

Should I Remove SIM card before selling phone?

Yes. If you’re selling your phone, looking to trade in your phone, or donating your phone, you should remove your SIM card. While SIM cards don’t store a lot of data, they can contain your phone number and potentially some linked account information. By removing the card, it eliminates the possibility of any information being … Continue reading “Should I Remove SIM card before selling phone?”

How do I know if my iPhone has had a Screen Replacement?

Thinking of trading in or recycling your iPhone? It’s important to note that most recycling companies will reduce the value of your handset if the phone has had a poor replacement screen fit by a third-party company and there is a screen warning message visible. How do I know if my iPhone has had a … Continue reading “How do I know if my iPhone has had a Screen Replacement?”

Most Common Reasons for a Device to be Revalued

In this blog we aim to set out the ten most common reasons why mobile phones are revalued once we have received them here at WeBuyTek. Solution: To find the model of your device, go into ’settings’ and select ‘general’, ‘about’ for iPhones, or for Samsungs go into ‘Settings’ then ‘About Phone’. Solution: To find … Continue reading “Most Common Reasons for a Device to be Revalued”

What Happens if Your Device is Revalued?

The price you are given upon completion of your booking is based on the details of the handset you have provided (model, capacity, network, condition etc). However, please note, this is just a quote. The price offered is a guide price and is subject to change. This can be for a multitude of reasons such … Continue reading “What Happens if Your Device is Revalued?”

Where can I Sell my iPad?

Have you got an iPad sat around in your drawer? Why not trade-in the tablet and you could get paid for it! Here at WeBuyTek we offer to buy your iPad directly from you and we also show an instant quote on our website so you can see what your tablet it worth! We also … Continue reading “Where can I Sell my iPad?”

The Trade-in Process – a Full Guide

 At WeBuyTek we aim to provide a simple, stress-free service to get the most value you can for your tek. Our service has been created to be as simple and hassle-free as possible and by following our step-by-step guide below, you will see just how easy it is to trade your device into us.  The … Continue reading “The Trade-in Process – a Full Guide”

My iPhone Battery Shows ‘Service’ Within Battery Health

When you trade in your Apple iPhone with us here at WeBuyTek it is important to check the status of the battery health. If your battery health is showing ‘Service’ or is below 80% then the correct condition needs to be selected otherwise a revised offer may be sent to reflect this. How do I … Continue reading “My iPhone Battery Shows ‘Service’ Within Battery Health”

Effortlessly Unlink Your Samsung Account from Your Galaxy Device

Managing your Samsung account is crucial for accessing various features and services on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet. However, there might be instances where you need to remove your Samsung account from your device, such as selling your device. Whether you’re switching to a different platform or simply want to disconnect your account, delinking it … Continue reading “Effortlessly Unlink Your Samsung Account from Your Galaxy Device”