Trade-in Pack – What is included?

Thinking about trading in your old iPhone or tablet for a shiny new upgrade? It’s a fantastic way to get money for your old device thats been sitting in a drawer for years. Scenario – you’ve created a booking with WeBuyTek, entered all the required details and you’ve asked for a trade-in pack to be sent to you. Now, here a question usually pops up – What exactly comes with a trade-in pack?

In this blog post, we will clear up any confusion and give you a complete rundown of all the items we send to ensure the device is packaged up safely & securely and we have received all the required information to make sure your trade-in process is as smooth and efficiant as can be so you can turn your device into cash in no time!

Delivery Note

WeBuyTek Delivery Note


Opened Package burrito

These burrito wraps are used to wrap your devices in and to keep them safe on its journey back to us.

Read further for instructions on how to wrap your device.

A4 Flyer

WeBuyTek A4 Flyer
On the A4 Flyer you will find a Pack and Send Guide and a Packing Check List both containing brief instructions on what is needed to be done before sending your device to us.

A6 Flyer

A6 Flyers - New, Remove iCloud, Remove Google Account

Depending on whether the condition of your device is faulty or new, you will receive an A6 flyer in your pack.

These flyers contain information on what is required when sending in new devices and how to remove iCloud / Google accounts for faulty devices.

Mailing Bag

Mailing Bag

When the device is wrapped and secure, place it into the mailing bag provided and attach the label found on the delivery note onto the front.  

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