My iPhone Battery Shows ‘Service’ Within Battery Health

When you trade in your Apple iPhone with us here at WeBuyTek it is important to check the status of the battery health. If your battery health is showing ‘Service’ or is below 80% then the correct condition needs to be selected otherwise a revised offer may be sent to reflect this.

How do I find the Battery Health on my iPhone?

You can find information about your iPhone battery health by:

  • Go to Settings – Scroll down to Battery – then tap Battery Health & Charging

Your iPhone will then display information about your battery’s maximum capacity. This is where the percentage should show 80% or above and must not show Service.

Refurbished iPhone battery health

Why does my iPhone show ‘Service’ in the battery health?

When your iPhone shows ‘Service’ in the battery health settings, it basically means the battery has significantly degraded and should be replaced in order to restore it’s optimal performance. The most common reason why the battery degrades is down to the very nature of them, rechargeable batteries naturally lose capacity over time from being recharged repeatedly.

What happens if my battery is not replaced?

Your mobile phone may experience the following issues when the battery needs replacing:

  • Faster battery drain: Your iPhone might run out of power much quicker than usual.
  • Unexpected shutdowns: The phone might suddenly turn off even though it still has battery life.
  • Performance throttling: Apps might launch slower, scrolling might feel laggy, or brightness might be dimmed to conserve battery.
  • Reduced functionality: In some cases, features like flashlight or camera might be disabled.

Can I trade in my iPhone if the Battery shows ‘Service’?

Yes! At WeBuyTek you can still trade in you iPhone with us! In order to gain the best price you do need to ensure the correct condition is selected. For a battery health of below 80% or a service message, the condition selected must be either ‘Poor’ or ‘Faulty’ depending on the other elements of the handset.

What happens if I select ‘Good’ condition and the battery health is below 80%?

Once we have received your device, we will fully test your handset and if the battery does show Service or is below 80% health, then unfortunately we would need to revalue your phone. If there are no further issues with the handset and all functions are correctly operating then the device would be revalued to the ‘Poor’ Condition.

If your iPhone is revalued, then you will receive an email and text notification from us containing the new revised price and also the reason for the revaluation which you can either accept or decline.

A full list of our grading criteria can be found in our terms and conditions here.

Can I replace my battery before sending to receive a better price?

You are welcome to replace the battery, however we do ask that the battery is replaced with a genuine Apple replacement battery and carried out by an Authorized service provider who will ensure proper parts and calibration is carried out.

If your battery is replaced by a third party repair company it is even more important to ensure the battery does not show ‘Important Battery Message’ warning from Apple as this will unfortunately reduce the value of your handset further. This message is visible on the later iPhone models from the iPhone XR onwards.

iPhone Important Battery Message

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