How to package your tablet

Step 1 – Wrap Tablet in Pre-Folded Flaps

Carefully place the iPad into position under the folded flaps, screen facing upwards.

Tablet placed into pre-folded flaps of package

Step 2 – Fold Tablet over to the Centre

Fold the left side of the wrap, where the Tablet is positioned, into the centre column of the packaging.

Tablet folded over to centre of package

Step 3 – Remove Sealing Tape

Carefully remove the sealing tape backing found at the far-right edge of the packaging.

Sealing tape removed

Step 4 – Fold and Apply Pressure

Fold the right-hand side column over to the centre, wrapping the Tablet. Apply firm pressure to the margin to secure the box.

Pressure applied to box

Step 5 – Place into Mailing Bag

Place the wrapped box and the delivery note into the grey mailing bag provided in the trade-in pack.

Important – Please include the delivery note with the Tablet to help us identify your device from your trade-in ID.

Place into Mailing Bag

Step 6 – Apply Label to Front

Peel the postage label found on the delivery note and place it onto the front of the mailing bag.

Label applied to front

Step 9 – Finished

All done! Drop your device off at your nearest post office and we will receive it the following day.

iPad packaged
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