Why Does my iPhone XR have grey spots on the Rear Camera?

One of the most common problems with the iPhone range and in particular the iPhone XR handsets, are the black spots on the rear camera image that appear. Here at WeBuyTek we see a large number of iPhones that get revalued due to these marks or spots on the camera image, and in most cases customers are not aware of the defect until it is pointed out to them and they check their images.

How to tell if my iPhone XR has grey spots on the rear camera image

If you are looking to Trade In your iPhone XR it is important to check the camera image for any defects such as black marks or spots. To do this, simply point your camera and take a photo of a plain white background using the normal camera mode and also the portrait camera mode. If you can see faint or dark grey spots then it is likely your handset would be revalued upon testing if booked in under the Good Condition.

The below picture is an example of what these spots may look like. It is important to note that spots maybe darker or much lighter and there may also be multiple spots.

Why Does my iPhone XR have spots on the camera?

There are a few reasons why your iPhone might have grey spots or marks on the rear camera image.

  • Dust or debris – This is the main cause, and occurs when little particles get trapped on the lens within the camera itself. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to remove the dust other than to either replace the camera itself or to remove the camera and separate the components to give them a good clean. This method however very difficult and far easy to just replace the camera module.
  • Camera fault – It is possible a component within the camera has become faulty and sometimes occurs when the mobile phone has been dropped, or suffered water entry. Similar to the previous reason, it would usually be worth just replacing the camera module as opposed to pulling the camera apart. In some instances the camera maybe covered under warranty so it would always be worth contacting Apple to discuss this with them, or there are plenty of third party repair companies who would be able to replace the camera such as TechRepairsUK.
  • Manufacture defect – In rare cases, spots on your camera lens can be caused by a manufacture defect and this would of course be covered under your Apple warranty so they would resolve the issue free of charge.

What to do if my iPhone has spots on the camera image

If your camera is suffering from this common issue we would always advise taking your mobile phone straight to Apple in the first instance. This way, should the issue be a manufacture defect, Apple would then resolve under warranty.

The second option and most common option would be to take the device to a third party repair company such as TechRepairsUK who would then replace the camera module. There would be a cost for this option and would typically cost around £40-£50.

If you have sent your iPhone to us here at WeBuyTek to recycle, and we have revalued the mobile phone due to these spots. The simplest and quickest option would be to accept the revised offer. A typical cost reduction for this issue would be around £30-£40.

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